Workhouse Creative and Custom Productions.

In this crime thriller based on a true story, a 17 year-old criminal prodigy and a suicidal former Microsoft executive, unaware of one another, plot to steal the same airplane, from the same island, on the same day. One succeeds.

Written by Steve Stockman and Keith Rivers

Produced by Steve Stockman and Jenessa West

Directed by Keith Rivers


Flight Plans concept reel featuring Charlie Heaton


MGM (2007)

Written and directed by Steve Stockman, and starring Sally Field, Ben Chaplin, Tom Cavanagh Julianne Nicholson, Glenn Howerton and Clea DuVall. The film received the 2008 Buchwald Award from the National Hospice Foundation.  

 “Fantastic. The script artfully melds the honest, cold facts of dying with the awkwardness and humor that can be found in such circumstances.   Tender and funny work. ”

      –Alison Bailes, WNBC TV

“Writer/director Steve Stockman creates an altogether gripping, profoundly moving cinematic experience.  There’s not one false note in the script.”

     – Jennifer Merin, NY Press

“A knowing cinematic primer on what to expect when a parent dies.   Ms. Field’s tough, accurate performance is all the more compelling for its understatement.”

    – Stephen Holden, New York Times