Audience Strategy,
Brand Marketing
& Production

Custom consults on marketing strategy, audience development and video communication. We create and produce television and web commercials and long-form programs based on those strategies.


We specialize in working directly* with startups and mid-sized-to-large companies who want to use video to grow their brand. Clients include Breville, Saatva,, Anchor Brewing Company, Microsoft, Perfect Sense, HTC, Village Roadshow, Buena Vista Home Entertainment, Hearst Corp, CBS, ABC and more.


The end result might be a full OTT network strategy. It might be programming designed to bring audiences back over and over. It might mean commercials (we’ve created and produced hundreds), long form (we’ve sold a dozen projects to conventional TV networks) or anything in between. 


What it isn’t is “Content.” 


"Content" is a generic term used as shorthand by companies who understand they probably should reach their market through video—but have no idea how. The term focuses us more on what we churn out rather than how we communicate with the people we strive to influence. Which the opposite of what companies need to grow in the Entertainment Economy.


If your company wants to move beyond “content’ and actually create things your audience will love, drop us a line at


Some of our work:

Breville "Joule Smart Oven"

Breville launched their new app-controlled oven this year. Produced with our partners at Written by Steve Stockman and Britt Neufer, and directed by Steve.

Saatva "Treehouse"

Another new campaign for Saatva, the giant mattress delivery company. Produced by Custom Productions and directed by Steve Stockman along with Saatva's David Link.


Another new spot in the "Research" series for Saatva.


Saatva, the giant mattress delivery company, ventured into national video promotion this year with this three-spot campaign produced by Custom Productions and directed by Steve Stockman along with David Link of Wild Robot.

Anchor Brewing

We created the strategy, look and feel of the Anchor Brewing Website, and created a series of "beer bios" for the brewery, including this one for the iconic Anchor Steam beer.

*There are no hard and fast rules, but since our process relies on building a strong partnership with your brand, we're not always great at accommodating the many layers of departments and mark-up that come with traditional outside ad agencies. In-house creative teams? No problem!